GTB Musicals is a Musical Shop in Delhi specialized in Harmonium, Guitar & Tabla.

We also deal with the purchase of old or damaged musical instruments helping customers to get rid of any musical instruments that is not useful for them anymore.

GTB Musicals also helps its customers to mend and repair the damaged musical instruments. Even though we majorly deal with Harmonium and Tabla as our instrument of expertise, we also provide the service/repair of other common musical instruments like piano, synthesizer, guitar, drums, etc.


With our years of experience in the Education Industry, we have noticed that many children are facing a lot of problems in this 21st generation.

Children are loosing self-confidence due to high level of competition among themselves. Instead, there is an increase in the rate of aggression.

Also, we have noticed that students are not able to concentration on their studies and therefore they are loosing interest in it and are getting distracted and manipulated by the ever increasing social media networks.

Not only this, we have also seen that the rate of depression is increasing in adults and many people are either committed unforgivable crimes or are getting involved in substance abuse. The rate of suicide as also skyrocketed in the recent years.

By keeping all these in mind, GTB Musicals have designed and formulated a series of Music Therapy Modules helping children and adults to cope up with their problems. 


GTB Musicals provide Artists, Singers and Performers for all kinds of Musical Event Performance like Live Performance, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, School and College Events, Social Events, Family Functions, etc.

Our trained students are highly talented & skilled artists and performers who are looking forward to start their bright career in Music. We give them the opportunity to perform among people and huge crowd. This also helps our customers to get high quality performers at a very affordable price.