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GTB Musicals is among India’s Top Harmonium & Tabla Sellers and help music lovers to with learning and purchasing of musical instruments. If you are a Music Lover, you are at the right place.


We are one of the best manufacturers of Indian Musical Instruments selling our instruments across India and also to some musically cultured foreign countries. We are known for our premium quality musical instruments as we use the right & quality wood which make our musical products durable and sustainable in Indian and other climatic conditions.

We have an experience of 20+ years in the Indian Music Industry and have beenĀ  manufacturing some of the best and fine quality Harmoniums, Tablas and other musical instruments.

Our Services are currently available all over India and Canada, U.K., Dubai, Singapore & Australia, U.S.A.

We are not a whole seller or retail sellers!

To make sure that our products are of fine quality we do not store our musical instruments. We take orders and then deliver it to musicians so as to provide them with better musical experience.

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Our Services


Music School

GTB Musicals School of Music is a wonderful opportunity of people who are looking for a career in Music.


Music Therapy

We professionals trained to provide Music Therapy sessions to help people lead a stress-free life.

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Event Perrfomance

We have an experienced and talented team of musicians who perform in personal and corporate events.

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Instrument Purchase, Sale & Repair

We sell and purchase musical instruments. We also provide finest repairing services.